About us

Laboratory of Ecophysiology and Toxicology of Cyanobacteria have developed research on:

- Occurrence of toxic cyanobacteria in Brazilian aquatic ecosystems;

- Influence of environmental factors on growth and toxin production by cyanobacteria;

- Isolation and maintenance of cyanobacterial strains in culture collections;

- Extraction, purification and quantification of cyanotoxins by chromatographic methods, immunological and enzymatic;

- Evaluation of processes bioaccumulation of cyanotoxins by aquatic biota and its consequences for    environmental and public health;

- Efficiency of water treatment processes for the removal of viable cells of cyanobacteria and their toxins;

- Physiological and toxicological effects of chronic exposure to cyanotoxins in fish and mammals;

- Genomic, proteomic and metagenomic studies with cyanobacterial strains in order to identify environmental factors related to the synthesis of cyanotoxins and adaptive success of cyanobacteria;

  - Effects of light intensity and nutrient concentration in the biomass and lipid production by microalgae. Read more about