Membros do LETC


  • Sandra Maria Feliciano de Oliveira e Azevedo 

    Sandra Azevedo´s research group at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is considered to be one of the world's leaders in the Liminology and Ecology of toxic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). As its founding member, Sandra has undertaken the research that has led to the discovery of cause of death of 50 hemodyalis patients in Caruaru City (Pernambuco, Brazil) in 1996.The results of this basic research and other studies of the toxicity of cyanobacteria have revolutionised an entire field of human health.
    Sandra's current research encompasses two main areas: Limnology and Ecotoxicology, with emphasis on ecology of phytoplankton, acting on the following topics: cyanobacteria, cyanotoxins, bioaccumulation and effects on public health.
    Sandra has been recognised as an international expert in the field. Achievement has been measured by numerous invited reviews, seminars and visiting appointments.
    Sandra has involved the research training of in excess of 15 PhD students and more than 60 peer-reviewed publications have resulted from this research.

  • Valéria Freitas de Magalhães 

    Valéria has expertise in the area of  Ecology, with emphasis on Ecotoxicology, acting on the following topics: microcystins,  cylindrospermopsin, saxitoxins, bioaccumulation, water treatment,  methodology and public health

Post Doctoral Students

  • Ricardo Rogers Paranhos 

    Has expertise in chemical ecology, with emphasis on evolutionary aspects of secondary metabolites and their prospections.



  • Suema Branco 

    Has experience in Taxonomy of microalgae and cyanobacteria, microalgae cultivation and environmental monitoring of marine and continental phytoplankton.


PhD Students

  • Adriana Carvalho Natal de Moraes 

    Adriana participates in a research on renal function of balb-c mice undergo Cylindrospermopsin.

  • Allan Amorim Santos 

    Works in the area of ​​microbial composition associated to cyanobacteria blooms with emphasis on cyanotoxin biodegradation study.



  • Cesar Macedo Lima Filho 

    Develops project related to the management of macrophytes and phytoremediation.



  • Daniel Vinícius Neves de Lima 

    Participate in research on the influence of abiotic factors on the physiological ecology of cyanobacteria

  • Mauro Cesar Palmeira Vilar 

    Has experience in Phytoplankton Ecology focusing on Cyanobacterial Ecophysiology/Ecotoxicology and its Trophic Interactions with zooplankton.

Undergraduate students

  • Lorraine Garcia Silva dos Santos 

    Works in the analysis of the secondary metabolites of cyanobacteria.




  • Roberta Guedes de Souza 

    Works in the maintenance of the cultivation bank.